Hard Collection


With the transition of the creditor to the judicial stage of debt collection and obtaining a court decision in his favor, there is a need to execute the court decision and to collect the debt on the basis of a writ of execution. If the debtor voluntarily executes the decision of the court and returns the debt, there is no need to move to the post-judicial stage of debt collection.

However, the collection procedure may be delayed for an indefinite period, if the debtor delays or refuses to execute the court decision. Given the specifics of enforcement proceedings, we advise you to benefit from the support of the professionals at PfB Collection.

PfB Collection will provide you with:

Mediation - measures to resolve the dispute.

Receiving an enforcement document.

The initiation of the procedure of compulsory execution.

We go to the debtor's residence to start enforcement.

Effective cooperation with licensed bailiffs.

Advantages of cooperation with PfB Collection:

A trained team specializing in compulsory execution significantly reduces the time it takes to execute a court order.

PfB Collection's image prevents debtors from avoiding debt repayment.

PfB Collection's cooperation with the best independent bailiffs maximizes the effectiveness of debt recovery at this stage.