Services to the debtors

Has a PfB collector contacted you?

Please, confirm your identity to the operator: tell your first name /surname and date of birth.
- Please, tell the telephone number you were notified on, or please, tell the contact details of the letter you received by mail (i.e. address and contract number).
- If you are a debtor, the collection specialist will advise you on the debt condition and will give exhaustive answers to all your questions.
- If you know the debtor, please, tell the debtor’s contact details you know, to the specialist.

Please, call (+373) 22 88 51 51, in order to specify the ways of debt repayment and the sequence of action, as well as in order to contact the specialist again.

It is important for you to know that:

- The goal of our work is to find a solution, which will be mutually profitable, i.e. both for your creditor and you, but which will not be an attempt to get the payment by any means whatsoever.
- One will have to repay the debts in any case, since the majority of debts are of indisputable nature. Hence, when the creditor refers to the court, the judge will stand for the creditor for sure.
- Reimbursing the debt in the pre-trial order is the best solution, since it is much easier and less expensive. The creditor is entitled to receive all court expenses, within the court proceedings, but this will only increase the amount of debt.
- The court rulings concerning the debts will have a negative impact on the reputation and credit record, hence, getting a new loan will be a big challenge.

What will happen if the debt is not repaid?

- The debt amount will only increase. The late fines and penalties will be accrued on an everyday basis, in conformity with the terms and conditions of the contract, until such a debt is reimbursed in full.
- The case will be referred to the court. One will have to pay for any and all court expenses of the creditor, in the judicial proceedings.
- The credit record will be spoilt and getting a new loan will be a big challenge. Maybe, it will not be granted at all.
- The debt will not disappear. The property and monetary funds will be sequestered to secure the lawsuit. Then the bailiffs will seize such property and monetary funds, in order to repay the debts in full.

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