About us

PfB Collection was created by professionals in the field of overdue debts collection. PfB Collection is a combination of the best collection practices and information technology from world leaders and, of course, based on many years of experience.

The company's products cover the whole range of services within the full cycle of work with a problematic debt: starting with the simple warning of an overdue debt till the execution proceedings.

We use a fundamentally new approach to collection, which brings better results and reduces reputational risks. We try to solve the issue of overdue debts with the greatest profit for a creditor and minimal losses for a debtor.

Our partners and reference letters

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Why PfB Collection?


For more than 12 years we have been helping to recover overdue accounts receivable. Our portfolio already includes more than 300 clients, and we have handled more than 1,400,000 debt cases.

Efficiency and speed

We are constantly improving collection technologies that allows us to raise the efficiency and increase the speed of debt repayment.

Excellent service quality

PfB Collection is a member of the largest international collection association "ACA International" based in the USA.


We are trusted by the largest ompanies in the Republic of Moldova that work with us on the recovery of debts.


Many years of experience in debt collection allow us to plan targets prior to processing a portfolio. 

The PfB Collection Facts and Figures


Employees involved in the debt collection process


Customers in the portfolio

40 000+

Debt files processed on a monthly basis

100 000+

Monthly phone conversations with debtors

50 000

Letters/notifications sent to debtors every month

1 450 000+

Debt cases processed  since our appearance on the market

2 000+

Monthly visits to debtors' homes

The company's mission

Seeking to become a vector for developing a civilized approach when it comes to settling overdue debts,  collection company PfB Legal Consulting believes its main social mission is to implement the image of a collector - a helper for the debtor.

We restore the balance of interests for all participants of the financial system and solve the problem of overdue debts with the greatest profit for the creditor and minimal losses for the debtor. Our financial service professionals constantly help consumers resolve their problems and restore the creditor's trust.

By contacting us, you will completely destroy the stereotypes that are rooted in the minds of many residents of post USSR countries. Our staff will show you what real professionalism means. 

Here you will learn about such techniques as:

Our main task is to solve even the most complicated problems of debt recovery in pre-trial order. Instead of threatening, persecuting or applying physical force we use negotiation, persuasion and solid legally grounded arguments. We work exclusively within the legal framework of the Republic of Moldova.