Early Сollection

Early Collection service means the very first stage of work with receivables. It is used to recover commercial debts and debts of the individuals. It means the client support and comprises the procedure of contacting those debtors, who have from 1 to 30 days of arrears in their payments. The main task of such first stage is to keep the clients and to bring the debtors back to the previously agreed payment schedule.

How do we work?

Voice messages

Telephone calls

SMS sending

Advantages of collaboration with PfB Collection:

Bringing promptly the debtors back to the payment schedule, which was set forth by the creditor

Reducing the percentage of clients that are late with their payments

Keeping the loyalty of your clients, due to high-quality and ethical approach to debt recovery

Working operatively with a huge number of debtors, due to the CRM system, which also due to setting up the application programming interface with the clients, as well as due to systematisation of and control over the recovery process

Saving the administrative expenses relating to the recovery process (i.e. telephony, correspondences or consumables)

Saving the time, financial and human resources, for the development of your business