Monies are a very important thing in the modern people’s life. Hence, if somebody experiences a need, they address to friends or relatives, asking to accommodate them with a loan. However, few people think about security of such loans. One should remember that handover of any large monetary amounts must be accompanied by drafting a hand receipt, which will serve as a basis for your as for the creditor, for getting the right to claim for debt repayment. If you fail to return the loaned sum of money and if you are not ready to gift it to your debtors, use the collector’s services and recover your monies.

The process of debt recovery according to a hand receipt comprises three stages: pre-trial stage, trial proceedings and court ruling enforcement. As a rule, we start the recovery process from negotiations. If it yields no results, we prepare a case and refer it to the court.


One does not have to telephone the debtors and to claim for money reimbursement anymore. One does not have, as well, to search for a lawyer and to take part in the long-lasting judicial proceedings. PfB collectors will monitor the entire process and will also represent their clients’ interests in the court.


We do guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of all the data our clients provide to us. The 12-year operation and leading positions in the receivables collection market do guarantee the quality of the services rendered.


The technologies, experience and our own database allow PfB collectors to reach out to the debtors in a quicker manner.
The debt recovery process is realised by the specialists, whose number in our Company exceeds 100 people.