Cession Debt

Cession of a portfolio of accounts receivable means the sale of debt to third parties, thereby assigning the rights of claim for the return of the debt to another person.

Why should one sell the debts?

Avoiding big recovery costs, such as State tax, payments to lawyers, or other court expenses

Saving the time: the longer the debt period is, the fewer chances one has to get it reimbursed

Avoiding the risks of debtors’ bankruptcy because of inflation and devaluation

Reducing the expenses for maintaining the troublesome portfolio of the receivables, on your Company’s books

Improving the financial indicators of your Company

Improving the cash flow and getting immediately the monetary funds

Ensuring the partial coverage of the accrued problematic debt

Releasing the monies, which were frozen in the reserves

Whom is it suitable to?

Legal entities that accumulate overdue receivables, as a result of their activities, and that want to cover at least a part of such receivables.

The probability of receivables return becomes lower and lower, as the days go by. Hence, selling your receivables to PfB Collection Company is a reasonable solution. We apply an ethical approach to our recovery process and carry out correct operations with the debts, only within the legal framework of the Republic of Moldova.